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Beyond the Script: Exploring The Best True Story Movies on Netflix

best true story movies on netflix


Beyond the Script: Exploring The Best True Story Movies on Netflix

If you’re seeking a reprieve from fiction and pondering which movies on Netflix are inspired by true events, look no further. We’ve curated a collection of the finest true story movies available for streaming in the USA. Stay tuned as we unveil these captivating tales brought to life on the big screen.

True stories have a profound presence in cinema, and Hollywood excels at portraying real-life events with a delightful blend of entertainment, cinematic effects, and a touch of spice. Movies based on actual events ignite genuine interest and transform the viewing experience, captivating audiences with curiosity and fostering a deep connection to the scenes unfolding on the screen.

Indeed, Netflix boasts a remarkable collection of captivating movies based on real-life events. From the recent blockbuster “The Irishman” to the timeless drama “The Pursuit of Happiness,” Netflix offers a diverse catalog of the finest movies inspired by true stories.

If you’re considering watching the Best True Story Movies on Netflix, we suggest adding our recommended titles to your watchlist. These captivating stories are enjoyable to watch and promise an entertaining binge-watching experience.

10 Best True Story Movies on Netflix

The table below outlines the best true story movies on Netflix. We have arranged these movies as per their IMDb ratings:

S. NoMovieIMDb Rating
1Catch Me If You Can (2002)8.1/10
2The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)8.0/10
3The Irishman (2019)7.8/10
4The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)7.7/10
5Molly’s Game (2017)7.4/10
6Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013)7.2/10
7The Tinder Swindler (2022)7.1/10
8Rescued by Ruby (2022)7.1/10
9Against the Ice (2022)6.5/10
10Lost Girls (2020)6.1/10

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Catch Me If You Can tells the captivating true crime story of Frank Abagnale Jr., a con man who cunningly swindled countless individuals out of millions of dollars. Remarkably, he accomplished all of this before his 19th birthday, assuming various identities such as a Pan Am pilot, a legal prosecutor, and even a doctor.

A determined FBI agent takes it upon himself to track down the elusive criminal, making it his sole mission to ensure justice is served. However, Frank manages to evade capture time and time again, skillfully evading the agent’s pursuit.

  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • Genre: Drama, Biography, Crime
  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Writer: Stan Redding, Jeff Nathanson, Frank Abagnale Jr.
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, Tom Hanks
  • Runtime: 2h 21m

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Chris Gardner, a salesman facing numerous challenges, finds himself on the brink of despair as he struggles to make ends meet. Abandoned by his wife, leaving him to care for their five-year-old son, Christopher, he is determined to provide for his child. Chris is now solely responsible for his son’s well-being despite his financial difficulties.

After putting in tremendous effort, he finally secures an unforeseen six-month unpaid internship. This experience ignites Chris’s passion for pursuing a career as a stockbroker. Yet, life often presents its cruel and arduous challenges.

  • IMDb Rating: 8.0/10
  • Genre: Drama, Biography
  • Director: Gabriele Muccino
  • Writer: Steve Conrad
  • Cast: Will Smith, Brian Howe, Thandiwe Newton, James Karen, Jaden Smith
  • Runtime: 1h 57m

The Irishman (2019)

When it comes to Martin Scorsese, you can always expect nothing less than a cinematic blockbuster. And his latest masterpiece, The Irishman, is yet another feather in Scorsese’s illustrious hat. With an exceptional ensemble cast, including legendary actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, The Irishman takes us on a gripping journey through the life of Frank Sheeran.

As a mentally preoccupied man, Frank’s character is further shaped by his past as a retired labor union officer and a hitman. During his time in Italy, serving in World War II, he hones his lethal skills and becomes a master of the art of killing.

The Irishman is a film that delves deep into the psyche of its characters, exploring themes of loyalty, friendship, and the consequences of a life lived on the edge. Get ready to be captivated by Scorsese’s storytelling prowess once again in this epic cinematic experience.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • Genre: Drama, Biography, Crime
  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Writer: Charles Brandt, Steven Zaillian
  • Cast: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino, Ray Romano, Joe Pesci
  • Runtime: 3h 29m

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The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

What began as a supposedly peaceful protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention quickly escalated into a violent clash between the National Guard and the police. The protest, organized by Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, and Jerry Rubin, resulted in their arrest for conspiring to incite a riot. The subsequent trial became infamous for its scandalous proceedings, cementing its historical place. For lovers of the thriller genre, this movie is a must-watch.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller, History
  • Director: Aaron Sorkin
  • Writer: Aaron Sorkin
  • Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alex Sharp
  • Runtime: 2h 9m

Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly Bloom, a young and stunning Olympic-grade skier, orchestrates the decade’s most exclusive and high-stakes poker game. However, her reign comes to an abrupt halt when, in the dead of night, 17 FBI agents storm in, brandishing automatic weapons to apprehend her.

Her only ally, siding with her in the face of adversity, was her lawyer Charlie Jaffey, a renowned criminal defense specialist. With his unwavering support, Molly’s game emerges as one of the most captivating and thought-provoking drama movies you can watch. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of her journey and be captivated by the depth of the story.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Biography
  • Director: Aaron Sorkin
  • Writer: Molly Bloom, Aaron Sorkin
  • Cast: Jessica Chastain, Michael Cera, Idris Elba, Jeremy Strong, Kevin Costner
  • Runtime: 2h 20m

Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013)

Born to a sharecropper, Cecil Gaines grew up as a domestic servant in the 1920s. His family served a white household that crushed his spirit. Determined to forge his own path, Cecil embarked on a career as a valet server at a prestigious hotel.

With remarkable efficiency, he ascended to the position of a butler in the White House during the 1950s. The movie delves into the life of Cecil, as he navigates through the years, meticulously outlining his journey.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
  • Genre: Drama, Biography
  • Director: Lee Daniels
  • Writer: Wil Haygood, Danny Strong
  • Cast: Forest Whitaker, David Banner, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, John Cusack
  • Runtime: 2h 12m

The Tinder Swindler (2022)

In online romance, the journey to falling in love is far from effortless. So, when Cecilie, an ordinary girl, is matched with an alluring playboy billionaire, she can hardly fathom her incredible fortune – for he embodies the essence of her long-held dreams.

However, in actuality, appearances can be deceiving. By the time Cecile uncovers the truth about this supposed multinational businessman, it’s already too late. He has stripped her of everything she holds dear. As this tale of illusory love draws to a close, it gives way to a story of revenge that unfolds.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.1/10
  • Genre: Crime, Documentary
  • Director: Felicity Morris
  • Writer: Felicity Morris
  • Cast: Josh King Jetset Madrid, Pernilla Sjöholm, Simon Leviev
  • Runtime: 1h 54m

Rescued by Ruby (2022)

Rescued by Ruby, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, is another remarkable addition to the list of the best True Story Movies on Netflix. This heartwarming tale showcases Ruby, a dog brimming with boundless energy. Despite her “unmanageable” personality, Ruby’s original owner surrendered her to an animal cruelty prevention organization. Although she found new homes multiple times, each adoption was short-lived. However, Officer Daniel O’Neil stepped in and saved her from being euthanized, becoming her forever companion. Together, they embarked on an extraordinary journey, defying the odds and pursuing their dreams.

  • IMDb Rating: 7.1/10
  • Genre: Drama, Family, Biography
  • Director: Katt Shea
  • Writer: Karen Janszen, Squire D. Rushnell, Louise DuArt
  • Cast: Grant Gustin, Sharon Taylor, Camille Sullivan, Scott Wolf, Kaylah Zander
  • Runtime: 1h 30m

Against the Ice (2022)

In 1909, a brave group of voyagers embarked on a perilous journey to uncover the enigmatic truth hidden within Greenland’s vast, ice-covered expanse. Battling treacherous conditions and the unforgiving forces of nature, they faced unimaginable hardships, losing many of their companions. However, against all odds, two resilient souls managed to reach their base camp and ship, only to be greeted with the devastating realization that they had been left behind, presumed dead by their fellow explorers.

Now, as they find themselves trapped in these desolate, frozen lands, their struggle for survival becomes an epic tale of human resilience and determination. Each day, they must summon every ounce of their strength and resourcefulness to navigate the hostile environment and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

If you have a penchant for thrilling adventure movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat, we highly recommend some of the best adventure films that capture the spirit of exploration and the triumph of the human spirit.

  • IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, History
  • Director: Peter Flint
  • Writer: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ejnar Mikkelsen, Joe Derrick
  • Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Charles Dance, Joe Cole, Lin Gallagher, Heida Reed
  • Runtime: 1h 42m

Lost Girls (2020)

After Mari Gilbert’s daughter disappears, the police’s negligence and lack of concern push Mari to take matters into her own hands. Determined to find answers, she ventures to where her daughter Shannan was last seen: a gated community on Long Island.

In her relentless quest to find her daughter, she also shed light on numerous unsolved cases of violence against sex workers in the area. Mari is determined not to let it go unnoticed and will stop at nothing to seek justice. “Lost Girls” is one of the finest mystery films, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline.

  • IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime
  • Director: Liz Garbus
  • Writer: Michael Werwie, Robert Kolker
  • Cast: Amy Ryan, Dean Winters, Thomasin McKenzie, Molly Brown, Gabriel Byrne
  • Runtime: 1h 35m


While it may be challenging to discover absolute truth and reality in cinema, including docuseries, movies inspired by true events can captivate and engross viewers. Especially when viewers are aware that what they are witnessing on screen is a part of historical reality, it adds an extra layer of fascination and intrigue.

Netflix offers many captivating movies based on true stories, each drawing inspiration from real-life events. In fact, the Best True Story Movies on Netflix, as listed above are the best without any exaggeration.

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