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Thrills and Chills: The Best Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

Best Jason Statham Movies on Netflix


Thrills and Chills: The Best Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a cinematic storm of raw intensity, heart-pounding thrills, and a dash of Jason Statham’s irresistible charm. As Netflix’s virtual curtains open wide, revealing an adrenaline-soaked symphony of action, we invite you to step into the realm of one of Hollywood’s most iconic and enigmatic stars – the incomparable Jason Statham.

Like a fierce hurricane, Statham has stormed his way into our hearts with his magnetic presence, wielding martial arts prowess and oozing charisma from every pore. With an eclectic arsenal of films under his belt, he has become synonymous with pulse-pounding excitement, leaving us yearning for more with each high-octane adventure.

As Netflix aficionados, we’ve combed through the virtual vaults to curate a list of the best Jason Statham movies on Netflix. Get ready to be swept away on a tumultuous cinematic journey where jaw-dropping stunts and electrifying charisma converge in a symphony of sheer entertainment. Let the action begin!

Best Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

In the table below, we have compiled a list of the 15 best movies starring Jason Statham. We have arranged these movies as per their IMDb ratings:

S. NoMovieIMDb Ratings
1Snatch (2000)8.3/10
2The Bank Job (2008)7.2/10
3The Italian Job (2003)7.0/10
4The Mechanic (2011)6.5/10
5Homefront (2013)6.5/10
6Cellular (2004)6.5/10
7Safe (2012)6.5/10
8Chaos (2005)6.4/10
9The Expendables (2010)6.4/10
10Redemption (2013)6.2/10
11Parker (2013)6.2/10
12War (2007)6.2/10
13The One (2001)5.9/10
14Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)5.7/10
15The Meg (2018)5.6/10

Snatch (2000)

In the chaotic world of London’s underground crime, a priceless stolen diamond becomes the focal point of a wild, convoluted tale that intertwines the lives of various eccentric characters. Among them are two small-time boxing promoters with dreams of hitting the jackpot, a ruthless Russian gangster with a thirst for vengeance, and a bumbling group of amateur thieves who are in way over their heads. As the plot thickens, dark humor, fast-paced action, and unexpected twists collide in a gripping tale of crime and chaos that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

  • Director: Guy Ritchie
  • Genre: Crime, Comedy
  • Release Date: December 6, 2000 (UK)
  • Runtime: 1h 44min

Watch it on Netflix

The Bank Job (2008)

Based on true events, this gripping heist thriller follows a team of amateur bank robbers as they embark on what seems to be a perfect crime – robbing a seemingly impregnable bank vault. Little do they know that their haul will lead them into a treacherous world of political secrets and espionage involving high-ranking officials and scandalous individuals. As they attempt to execute the ultimate bank robbery, the group finds themselves entangled in a dangerous web of corruption and deceit, putting their lives at risk in a daring bid to expose the truth.

  • Director: Roger Donaldson
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: February 29, 2008 (UK)
  • Runtime: 1h 51min

Watch it on Netflix

The Italian Job (2003)

After a mastermind thief’s betrayal leaves his crew penniless and seeking revenge, they plan an audacious heist in the picturesque canals of Venice, Italy. With precision driving skills, intricate planning, and witty banter, the crew aims to steal a fortune in gold from their former partner and outsmart the authorities in a high-speed pursuit that will leave you on the edge of your seat. As the adrenaline-fueled plan unfolds, they navigate through a labyrinth of obstacles and unexpected challenges, leading to a climactic showdown that promises an electrifying rollercoaster of action and suspense.

  • Director: F. Gary Gray
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: May 30, 2003 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 51min

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The Mechanic (2011)

Arthur Bishop, a highly skilled assassin, faces an ethical dilemma when he is assigned to eliminate his friend and mentor. As he meticulously plans the hits, he forms an unexpected bond with his target’s estranged son, complicating the already dangerous mission. In a web of betrayal, secrets, and lethal confrontations, Bishop must navigate the murky waters of loyalty and personal vendettas. The relentless action and intense combat sequences propel the story forward, culminating in a heart-stopping showdown that forces Bishop to confront the consequences of his deadly profession.

  • Director: Simon West
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
  • Release Date: January 13, 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 33min

Watch it on Netflix

Homefront (2013)

A former DEA agent seeking a quiet life for himself and his daughter in a small town soon finds his plans disrupted when he becomes entangled in a conflict with a violent local drug lord. As he tries to protect his family from the ruthless criminal empire, a high-stakes battle ensues, putting his lethal skills to the ultimate test. The fast-paced action and heart-pounding suspense lead to a gripping climax, where the past and present collide, and the lines between right and wrong blur in a fight for survival that will leave you breathless.

  • Director: Gary Fleder
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: November 27, 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 40min

Watch it on Netflix

Cellular (2004)

In this high-octane thriller, a young woman kidnapped and trapped in an attic manages to dial a disconnected cell phone randomly. Her desperate call reaches a desperate and resourceful stranger who races against time to save her. As they navigate a maze of danger and intrigue, they soon uncover a web of corruption and deceit that extends far beyond the kidnapping. With every moment counting, they must rely on wit, courage, and ingenuity to outsmart the cunning criminals and bring justice to the innocent.

  • Director: David R. Ellis
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: September 10, 2004 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 34min

Watch it on Netflix

Safe (2012)

Luke Wright, a former elite cage fighter, stumbles upon Mei, a young girl with extraordinary mathematical skills and a dangerous secret. As he becomes her reluctant guardian, he finds himself in a deadly race against a ruthless Triad mob, corrupt police, and government agents to protect her at all costs. With adrenaline-pumping action and relentless pursuit, Wright must tap into his lethal combat skills to unravel the truth and keep Mei safe from those who will stop at nothing to silence her forever.

  • Director: Boaz Yakin
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: April 27, 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 34min

Watch it on Netflix

Chaos (2005)

A veteran detective and his novice partner find themselves in a nail-biting race against time when a seemingly routine bank robbery takes an unexpected turn. They discover themselves pitted against a cunning criminal mastermind known as Lorenz, who orchestrates a series of elaborate heists with meticulous precision. As they delve deeper into the mind of the criminal genius, they must decipher a web of deceit and manipulation to prevent a deadly act of terrorism that threatens the city.

  • Director: Tony Giglio
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Release Date: December 15, 2005 (UK)
  • Runtime: 1h 46min

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The Expendables (2010)

A group of elite mercenaries, known as “The Expendables,” are hired to overthrow a ruthless South American dictator. Led by Barney Ross, a battle-hardened veteran, the team faces overwhelming odds as they venture into the heart of danger. Amidst a hail of bullets, explosions, and epic battles, they must confront their own demons and reconcile their pasts to complete the mission. Packed with iconic action stars and explosive action sequences, this adrenaline-pumping film is a tribute to the golden age of action cinema.

  • Director: Sylvester Stallone
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Release Date: August 13, 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 43min

Watch it on Netflix

Redemption (2013)

After returning from a traumatic tour in Afghanistan, an ex-Special Forces soldier finds himself homeless and living on the streets of London. When he stumbles upon an opportunity to assume the identity of a wealthy man who died, he seizes the chance to turn his life around. However, his past catches up with him as he becomes entangled in a deadly web of crime and corruption. Determined to seek redemption, he embarks on a perilous journey to confront his demons and find a path to salvation amidst the chaos.

  • Director: Steven Knight
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Release Date: June 28, 2013 (UK)
  • Runtime: 1h 40min

Watch it on Netflix

Parker (2013)

Parker, a professional thief with a strict moral code, is betrayed by his crew during a heist and left for dead. Surviving the ordeal, Parker sets out on a mission of revenge and retribution. With his unique skills and unwavering determination, he joins forces with a savvy real estate agent to plan the ultimate heist that will take down his former partners and set things right. In a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Parker proves that when it comes to vengeance, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

  • Director: Taylor Hackford
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: January 25, 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 58min

Watch it on Netflix

War (2007)

Two rival assassins, Rogue and Crawford, find themselves entangled in a deadly game of vengeance and deception. With a history of personal vendettas, they engage in a fierce cat-and-mouse battle, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. As the line between hunter and hunted blurs, the two deadly adversaries uncover dark secrets that will challenge their loyalties and force them to confront their pasts. In a pulse-pounding race against time, the ultimate showdown between two master killers is inevitable.

  • Director: Philip G. Atwell
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Release Date: August 24, 2007 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 43min

Watch it on Netflix

The One (2001)

In a parallel universe, there exist multiple versions of every person. Gabriel Yulaw, a rogue police officer from one of these universes, embarks on a mission to kill every alternate version of himself and absorb their life force to become “The One” – the most powerful being in the multiverse. As he wreaks havoc, a determined lawman, Gabe Law, rises to stop him from becoming unstoppable. In a mind-bending clash of identities and realities, they engage in a spectacular battle that will determine the fate of the multiverse itself.

  • Director: James Wong
  • Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Release Date: November 2, 2001 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 27min

Watch it on Netflix

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Arthur Bishop, the skilled assassin, thought he left his deadly past behind. However, when a dangerous foe kidnaps his love interest, he is forced back into the world of contract killing. In a race against time, Bishop must complete a series of seemingly impossible assassinations to save her. Facing treacherous obstacles and formidable enemies, he must employ his lethal expertise and cunning to outwit his adversaries. The high-octane action and heart-stopping suspense lead to a spectacular finale that will leave audiences breathless.

  • Director: Dennis Gansel
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
  • Release Date: August 26, 2016 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 38min

Watch it on Netflix

The Meg (2018)

In the uncharted depths of the Mariana Trench, a group of researchers discovers a long-extinct species – the megalodon, a colossal prehistoric shark. As the team grapples with the implications of this astonishing discovery, they inadvertently unleash the ancient predator from its underwater prison. Now, Jonas Taylor, a skilled deep-sea rescue diver haunted by a past encounter with the creature, must face his fears and lead a daring mission to stop the monstrous predator from wreaking havoc on the world’s oceans. In a heart-stopping battle of man versus prehistoric beast, survival becomes the ultimate challenge as they attempt to outwit the ancient terror and protect humanity from its jaws of death.

  • Director: Jon Turteltaub
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: August 10, 2018 (USA)
  • Runtime: 1h 53min

Watch it on Netflix

Ending Notes

In the adrenaline-fueled world of Netflix, Jason Statham reigns supreme as the undisputed king of action. From heart-stopping car chases to bone-crunching fights, his movies on the platform are a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering high-octane entertainment. As the credits roll on this cinematic extravaganza, one thing is crystal clear – Jason Statham’s charisma and talent are a force to be reckoned with. In the article above, we handpicked the best Jason Statham movies on Netflix. So, grab the popcorn, hit play, and prepare for a thrilling ride that will leave you exhilarated and eagerly awaiting his next jaw-dropping adventure. Happy streaming!

Usman Ikram is an Entertainment Journalist at Reels HQ. Whether he is reporting on the latest pop culture trends or sharing his insights on the hottest new releases, he is committed to producing engaging content that keeps readers informed and entertained. When he is not working on the next article, you can usually find him at the gym or curled up with a good book.

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