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Where to Watch Next Friday Online in 2023

Where to Watch Next Friday Online


Where to Watch Next Friday Online in 2023

Friday and its witty dialogues are remarkable. You will find yourself laughing your gut out every time. Friday Franchise is among the most popular and genuinely funny comedy series with fans. With so many streaming options, finding where to watch a movie is like finding the last chicken wing at a party. You know it’s out there somewhere; you just have to search high and low until you find it. 

With this blog, you can learn where to watch Next Friday online in 2023 from the comfort of your home in your pajamas. You won’t have to share your popcorn with anyone (except maybe your cat, but let’s be honest, they’re the best anyway).

If you want to watch Friday movies in order, check out this guide, we made just for you.

Next Friday is the second movie in the franchise, with Friday (1995) being its prequel and Friday After Next being its sequel.

Where to Watch Next Friday?

You can watch Next Friday in 2023 on the following platforms:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Video
  • Google Play Movies
  • YouTube
  • Vudu
  • Microsoft Store
  • AMC on Demand
  • Spectrum On Demand

Trailer of Next Friday 

Get some laughs with this trailer for Next Friday 

What Is The Plot Of Next Friday?

Next Friday is the sequel to Friday and continues the story of Craig. Craig Jones has just been fired again from his new job after accidentally causing a security guard to get knocked out. With his rent due and no job, Craig heads to his Uncle Elroy’s house in the suburbs to lay low and figure things out. 

He soon discovers that his uncle has won the lottery and lives in a massive mansion with his shady, pot-smoking friend, Day-Day. As Craig settles into his new surroundings, he encounters the fearsome drug lord, Pinky, and his cronies, who are after Day-Day for unpaid debts. With the help of his new friends and some hilarious shenanigans, Craig must navigate through the crazy world of the suburbs and avoid getting caught up in Pinky’s dangerous dealings.

Who Is The Cast Of Next Friday? 

Here is the remarkable cast of Next Friday. 

Ice CubeCraig Jones
Mike EppsDay-Day
John WitherspoonUncle Elroy
Tom Lister Jr.Deebo
Justin PierceRoach
Jacob VargasJoker
Lobo SebastianLil Joker
Lisa RodriguezKarla
Tamala JonesD’Wana
Kym WhitleySuga
Don “DC” CurryUncle Willie
Clifton PowellPinky

What Are The Ratings Of Next Friday? 

Next Friday has mixed feelings from viewers. Here are the ratings. 

What Is The Genre Of Next Friday? 

The Genre of Next Friday is Comedy

Where To Watch Next Friday In The UK?

In the UK, you can watch Next Friday on:

  •  Amazon Video
  • Apple TV
  • Sky Store
  • Chili
  • Microsoft Store
  • Google Play Movies
  • YouTube 

Where To Watch Next Friday In Canada?

In Canada, you can watch Next Friday on: 

  • Crave Starz
  • Starz Amazon Channel (Rent & Buy)
  • Google Play Movies (Rent & Buy)
  • YouTube (Rent & Buy)
  • Amazon Video (Rent & Buy)
  • Apple TV (Rent & Buy)
  • Microsoft Store (Rent & Buy)
  • Cineplex (Rent & Buy)

Where To Watch Next Friday In Australia?

In Australia, you can watch Next Friday on: 

  • Apple TV  (Rent & Buy)
  • Amazon Video (Rent & Buy)
  • Microsoft Store (Rent & Buy)

Where To Watch Next Friday  In New Zealand?

In New Zealand, you can watch Next Friday on:

  • Netflix
  • Apple TV (Rent & Buy)
  • Microsoft Store (Rent & Buy)
  • Google Play Movies (Rent & Buy)


Is Next Friday Available On HBO Max And Amazon Prime?

Next Friday is not available on HBO Max, but it is available on Amazon Prime. 

Is Friday On Netflix And Disney Plus?

Next Friday is available on Netflix. However, it is not available on Disney Plus. 


Craig, smokey, and all the other characters will make you laugh out of your worries. Now you know where to watch next Friday online in 2023, so don’t wait until next Friday and watch it! The witty dialogues and DAMNNNN incredible jokes will take you on a fun ride.

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