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Details You May Have Missed in The “Secret Invasion” Trailer

Details You May Have Missed in The “Secret Invasion” Trailer


Details You May Have Missed in The “Secret Invasion” Trailer

For those unaware, The Secret Invasion storyline revolves around Nick Fury discovering that Skrulls had infiltrated many parts of the Marvel universe. Post the D23 teaser, we finally have a proper trailer for MCU’s “Secret Invasion”. However, if it was too fast to understand like it was for many of us, fret not, we are here for you.

One of the first things viewers may take note of are the new characters in the project; we see Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emilia Clarke, & Olivia Colman, to name a few important ones. We know Colman will be playing an English counterpart to Nick Fury, i.e., head of a clandestine intelligence agency, most likely MI-6.

We are not sure what role Emilia Clarke will play, but there is a strong indication that she will be portraying G’iah, the daughter of Talos, whom we all know from Captain Marvel. How the maestros of the MCU deal with her character, we can only find out once we watch the movie. However, we can speculate that they might follow the storyline where she was a specialized agent who was picked to breed with fellow agent Klrr. The two eventually developed an actual relationship with each other.

Lastly, we have Kingsley; from what we can ascertain from the trailer, he will be playing super Skrull Kl’rt. He was a decorated soldier in the Skrull army who became the first Super-Skrull under the rule of Emperor Dorrek VII after years of service. He was endowed with the powers of the Fantastic Four and sent to Earth to conquer it after the Fantastic Four thwarted their previous invasion attempt.

Another detail fans might have missed is in the scene where Talos meets Kl’rt, and images of former presidents and world leaders are shown behind him. But, of course, now we know how much the MCU loves foreshadowing; this, in turn, could mean that we may learn many of the world leaders people looked to lead were actually Skrulls. Lastly, another small detail fans might have missed is the fact that a lot of the movie may take place in Russia, as many scenes in the trailer depict a Russian vibe to the locations.

Secret Invasion is an upcoming series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, set to premiere on June 21, 2023. It will consist of six episodes and serve as the first series of Phase Five.

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