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Hulu will be Streaming a Docuseries About Dr. Ann Burgess, The Architect of “Mindhunter”.

Hulu will be streaming a docuseries about Dr. Ann Burgess, the architect of Mindhunter


Hulu will be Streaming a Docuseries About Dr. Ann Burgess, The Architect of “Mindhunter”.

Hulu has announced that they will be streaming a docuseries about Dr. Ann Burgess, who is known for her work as the architect of “Mindhunter”.

The documentary series Mastermind will be aired on Hulu, and it focuses on a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit who influenced the investigative techniques of law enforcement in regards to serial killers.

Mastermind is a documentary series produced by Campfire Studios that explores the life and work of Dr. Ann Burgess, creator of the “mindhunter” method used by the FBI. The series is directed by Abby Fuller, known for her work on Chef’s Table and Dear…, and features Executive Producers Lesley Chilcott, Rebecca Halpern, Dakota Fanning, and Elle Fanning.

To gain insight for unsolved cases, Dr. Burgess interviewed convicted serial killers and conducted research. Her book “A Killer by Design” is the basis for a docuseries that explores her most significant cases. The series also highlights the anti-rape movement that paved the way for #MeToo. Exclusive access to her personal records is included.

Mastermind is produced for Hulu by Campfire Studios and Lewellen Pictures. The executive producers include Ross M. Dinerstein, Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, Rebecca Halpern, Lesley Chilcott, Rebecca Evans, and Abby Fuller. Co-executive producers are Dani Sloane, Ross Girard, and Mark McCune. Consulting producer is Dr. Ann Burgess.

Hulu has a number of upcoming documentaries, including “Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told,” “Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl,” “Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop,” and “The Jewel Thief.”

The debut of “Pretty Baby” featuring Brooke Shields in April had the highest viewership compared to all ABC News premieres on Hulu.

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