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Kit Harington Reunites with HBO in ‘Industry’ Season 3

Kit Harington


Kit Harington Reunites with HBO in ‘Industry’ Season 3

Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington is slated to start filming a new HBO drama, and here, we are not talking about his previous role in Game of Thrones.           

Harington is set to join the cast of Industry’s third season, a series produced by HBO and the BBC through Bad Wolf. He will play the role of Henry Muck, the CEO and Founder of Lumi, a green tech energy company that is getting ready for its initial public offering, in a recurring role.

Production for the third season, which consists of eight episodes, will begin this month in the UK.

The TV show ‘Industry’ follows a group of young bankers as they navigate their professional lives in the demanding environment of Pierpoint & Co’s London office, offering insights into the world of high finance.

During the third season, Pierpoint engaged in ethical investing by participating in the IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company. The narrative revolves around the finance, media, and government sectors.

“Industry” is a television series produced by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, with executive producers Jane Tranter, Kate Crowther, Ryan Rasmussen, and Rebecca Ferguson for HBO/BBC. The show is a Bad Wolf Production.

HBO is said to be contemplating a follow-up to Game of Thrones that would center around Jon Snow’s post-Westros exploits. The role would likely be reprised by actor Kit Harington.

At the GoF convention in Los Angeles, Harington discussed the fate of Jon Snow in the show. He couldn’t give away much about its development, but shared that he believed Jon got off easy in the end. When found in the cell, Jon was ready to be executed and had given up. Going to the Wall was a gift and a curse for him, according to Harington.

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