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Lili Reinhart Reflects on the End of ‘Riverdale’ and the “Absurdity” of the Storylines



Lili Reinhart Reflects on the End of ‘Riverdale’ and the “Absurdity” of the Storylines

Lili Reinhart discusses the conclusion of Riverdale after seven seasons and shares her perspective on viral clips highlighting the “absurdity” of the storylines.

In a pre-strike interview and post-filming for the show, Reinhart and the rest of the cast spoke to Vulture about the series.

“We are grateful for the consistent job we had for seven years. Speaking for all of us, it is unlikely that we will ever do something that requires over 100 episodes again,” Reinhart shared with the outlet.

Riverdale was a unique adaptation of Archie Comics, blending darkness with campiness. Scenes from the series have been shared online by social media users, and Reinhart mentions that reading people’s reactions to the show can be challenging at times.

The show is often made fun of. Clips taken out of context can be confusing. In season one, we thought it was about teenagers. It’s not easy to be the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors and are passionate about what we do. When our show became absurd, it was difficult. It’s all about the absurdity and campiness.

Reinhart also mentioned the moment she auditioned for the show, stating that she had recently signed a lease in L.A. and was feeling anxious because of her financial situation. It was her second attempt at moving there to pursue her career, and she had no income or job prospects at the time.

After her final audition, she recalled being on the phone with her mom and expressing that it was the first time she had felt content and accepting of whatever the outcome would be. She had given her interpretation of the character and was prepared for the decision. That night, she received the news that she had gotten the role.

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