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Margot Robbie is about to make an obscene amount of money off Barbie


Margot Robbie is about to make an obscene amount of money off Barbie

In a stunning twist that reaffirms the adage, ‘Life in plastic truly is fantastic,’ Margot Robbie finds herself sharing a financial connection with Monopoly’s ‘Rich Uncle’ Pennybags that goes beyond her plastic alter ego. As the Barbie phenomenon continues to shatter box office expectations, Robbie’s windfall is poised to rival the riches of Monopoly’s iconic character. In an unexpected turn of events, Robbie stands to accumulate an astounding sum that could easily afford her an original Earring Magic Ken – not just one, but a staggering 222,000 of them. According to insiders at Variety, sources reveal that Robbie’s earnings from the billion-dollar-grossing Barbie venture are estimated to reach a remarkable $50 million. This colossal payday, comprised of salary and a slice of the box office bounty, solidifies Robbie as the contemporary equivalent of Jack Nicholson, whose backend deal from Batman was so lucrative that he unabashedly sported a Batman pin during DVD interviews. One can only hope that Robbie also secured a piece of the sought-after merchandising pie, perhaps even reaping the rewards from the coveted “I am Kenough” sweatshirt line.

Robbie’s pivotal role in the film’s triumph spans several dimensions. Beyond her portrayal as an actress, she donned the hat of a producer, transitioning seamlessly between these roles as effortlessly as her signature high arches. In a tale that seems destined for Hollywood lore, it was Robbie who managed to sway Greta Gerwig towards embarking on the Barbie Land journey. Interestingly, while not initially eyeing the role of Barbie for herself, Robbie played matchmaker between Gal Gadot and the character, believing Gadot’s charm would infuse the part with the perfect blend of endearing quirkiness. Gadot, in turn, was deeply moved by Robbie’s sentiment.

Barbie’s monumental success marks a watershed moment for Margot Robbie, a two-time Oscar nominee who weathered a string of underwhelming projects between the cinematic hits of “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood” and her Barbie triumph. After the anticipation surrounding projects like “Amsterdam” and “Babylon,” Robbie has now unequivocally established herself as the luminous movie star that industry watchers always knew she could be. The remarkable arc from her portrayal of Harley Quinn to her incarnation as Tarzan’s Jane in the same summer is a testament to her unparalleled prowess. This evolution stands in stark contrast to the previous December when online opinions deemed her “box office poison.”

The lesson here is universal: even in the midst of challenging phases, a substantial Barbie-esque payday could be just around the cinematic corner, ready to transform a career’s trajectory.

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