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Michelle Yeoh to Lead in ‘Star Trek: Section 31’, on Paramount+

Michelle Yeoh to Lead in 'Star Trek: Section 31', on Paramount+


Michelle Yeoh to Lead in ‘Star Trek: Section 31’, on Paramount+

Paramount+ has announced a project called “Star Trek: Section 31,” which will feature Michelle Yeoh and will now be produced as an event film rather than a series.

Reports from 2019 revealed that a Section 31 television series featuring Yeoh was in development. Yeoh will reprise her role as Emperor Philippa Georgiou, which she originated in the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” in the upcoming show.

In the television show “Discovery,” the character Emperor Philippa Georgiou joins a confidential unit in Starfleet to protect the United Federation of Planets and confront her past actions. There have been rumors of a Section 31 project involving Georgiou, sparked by a deleted scene from the end of Season 1 where she is approached by a member of Section 31 on a Klingon planet.

Michelle Yeoh discussed her return to the “Star Trek” franchise and her role as Philippa in Section 31. She has a strong attachment to this character from the beginning of the “Star Trek” renaissance. Yeoh is pleased to see Philippa receive recognition and looks forward to sharing more details in the near future.

Production of the film will begin later this year.

Yeoh recently won the Academy Award for best actress in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” becoming the first Asian person to receive this award. She has also been recognized at other awards ceremonies for her performances in films such as “Memoirs Of A Geisha,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and “Sunshine.”

She is represented by Artist International Group and Cohen & Gardner.

The character Philippa Georgiou from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ was considered for a spin-off by actress Michelle Yeoh in 2017, according to executive producer Alex Kurtzman. Georgiou was one of the first two women featured in the pilot episode. Now, after six years, ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ has been released, and the team is eager to explore new aspects of the Trekverse. Michelle Yeoh has returned to the franchise.

“Craig Sweeny is the writer and executive producer of ‘Star Trek: Section 31.’ Olatunde Osunsanmi will direct and executive produce. Michelle Yeoh will star and executive produce. Alex Kurtzman, Aaron Baiers, Rod Rodenberry, Trevor Roth, Frank Siracusa, and John Weber are also executive producers. CBS Studios will produce the show. Sweeny, Osunsanmi, and Kurtzman are under overall deals at CBS Studios.”

David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, has announced Michelle Yeoh’s return to “Star Trek”. Yeoh’s popular portrayal of Captain and Emperor Georgiou was well-received by fans and played an important role in the franchise’s revival. CBS Studios is excited to collaborate with Yeoh as they continue to explore the “Star Trek” universe and its legacy while paving the way for the franchise’s future.

Section 31 has appeared in multiple “Star Trek” productions, including “Deep Space Nine,” as well as the film “Into Darkness.”

Domenic DiMeglio, the chief marketing officer and head of data at Paramount Streaming, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ title in the ‘Star Trek’ universe. Actress Michelle Yeoh will reprise her role as Emperor Georgiou. Paramount+ plans to release further information at a later date.

Paramount+ has launched a new “Star Trek” film in their revamped era. “Star Trek: Picard” will air its series finale this week on the streaming service, with the main cast of “Next Generation” in its third and final season. Additionally, a Starfleet Academy show has been ordered to series, as announced in March.

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and “Star Trek: Lower Decks” have been renewed for their upcoming seasons, whereas “Star Trek: Discovery” will end after its fifth season in 2024.

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