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Tune into The Grammys; Not for The Music but For Trevor’s Monologue

Tune into The Grammys; Not for The Music but For Trevor’s Monologue


Tune into The Grammys; Not for The Music but For Trevor’s Monologue

Former host to the daily show, standup comedian and all around nice guy Trevor Noah once again hosted music’s biggest night. He brought his charisma and charm to the stage and livened the award ceremony more than most can do on a good night. He began with throwing shade at the Orange Oompa Loompa that was in the Whitehouse (Donald Trump). He then went on to rave about Bad Bunny’s

“Absolutely incredible! You know, every time I listen to him, I get hips I never knew I had. It even makes Trump want to learn Spanish.” He said.

“My job is to be your eyes and ears,” Noah continued, addressing viewers directly.

“Think of me like a Chinese spy balloon. This is the room where it all goes down!” he added.

As he traversed through the star-studded room he began to talk to and about individuals seated. One of my favorite quips of the night was the one he directed at Harry Styles.

 “Women throw their panties at this man and then he puts them on, and he looks better in them than they do,” Noah jested.

“He’s the sex symbol of the globe, especially now that they’ve killed off the green M&M.” the comedian added.

He also played a part in the wholesome moment one icon met another. He knew Adele had never met Dwayne Johnson but was one of his biggest, the same was true vice versa with Trevor mentioning in his monologue that The Rock too was a big fan of the “Rolling in the Deep” singer.

“You’ve never met him. And then I found out he’s a huge fan of yours, too. And I don’t have Dwayne Johnson here tonight, but I do someone called The Rock.” Trevor said, as Johnson snuck up behind Adele and surprised her.

 These were just a few of the hilarious and wholesome moments Trevor created at the award show. I do believe they should just give him the job of permanent Grammy host now. 

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