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Where to Watch Halloween Wars Online in 2023

Watch Halloween Wars


Where to Watch Halloween Wars Online in 2023

Looking for a show to watch this Halloween, or are you a fan of competition shows? What better way to get into the spooky spirit than by watching the thrilling and creative competition show Halloween Wars? Halloween Wars has become a seasonal favourite for many people with its impressive pumpkin carvings, creepy confectionery, and spine-tingling cake designs. If you are worried and thinking, “Where can I watch Halloween Wars”, we have brought streaming solutions for you! In this article, we will explore different options available for watching Halloween Wars in different regions.

Where to Watch Halloween Wars?

If you are wants to watch Halloween Wars from United States there are number of options available for you to either stream it online or rent your favourite show.

You can stream all 12 seasons of Halloween Wars in the USA on the following platforms:

  • Discovery Plus
  • Food Network
  • Spectrum on Demand
  • Discovery Plus
  • Fubo TV
  • Direct TV

You can also rent the following platforms to watch 12 seasons of Halloween Wars in the USA:

  • Amazon Videos
  • Google Play Movies
  • Vudu
  • Apple TV

Trailer of Halloween Wars

Let’s have a look at the trailer of this scary and creative competition:

What is the Plot of Halloween Wars?

Halloween Wars is a unique cooking competition show. In this Halloween-themed show, teams of chefs, pumpkin carvers, and cake decorators compete to create the most impressive and terrifying Halloween displays. Each episode features a different challenge and a panel of judges who critique the creations based on their creativity, technical skills, and adherence to the theme. The teams with the weakest displays are eliminated until a winner is declared in the finale. The show is loved for its elaborate and creepy designs and creative use of pumpkins, sugar, and chocolate. Moreover, the Halloween-inspired challenges keep the contestants on their toes.

What is the number of teams in the latest season of Halloween Wars?

In the 12th installment of Halloween Wars, we have 12 teams in the competition. This is the highest number of teams in the history of this show.

Who are the judges in all seasons of Halloween Wars?

Each season comprises a panel of 3 judges in this show. The list of judges is illustrated in the table below:

SeasonJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3
1Shinmin LiMiles TevesGuest Judges
2Shinmin LiTom SaviniGuest Judges
3Shinmin LiBrian KinneyGuest Judges
4Shinmin LiBrian KinneyGuest Judges
5Shinmin LiBrian KinneyGuest Judges
6Shinmin LiDon ManciniGuest Judges
7Shinmin LiTodd TuckerGuest Judges
8Shinmin LiTodd TuckerGuest Judges
9Shinmin LiTodd TuckerGuest Judges
10Shinmin LiTodd TuckerGuest Judges
11Eddie JacksonShinmin LiAarti Sequeira
12Eddie JacksonShinmin LiAarti Sequeira

Who is the Host of Halloween Wars?

The host of this popular competition show keeps changing after some time. In the table below, we have listed all the hosts to date:

1Justin Willman
2Justin Willman
3Justin Willman
4Justin Willman
5Rossi Morreale
6Jonathan Bennett
7Jonathan Bennett
8Jonathan Bennett
9Jonathan Bennett
10Jonathan Bennett
11Zak Bagans
12Zak Bagans

What are the Ratings of Halloween Wars?

Halloween Wars scored 6.8 out of 10 on Rating Graph. Meanwhile, the show has a rating of 

7.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

What is the Genre of Halloween Wars?

The genre of Halloween Wars may be classified as a Reality television Cooking show.

Where to Watch Halloween Wars in the UK?

You can stream all the 12 seasons of Halloween Wars in the UK on the following platforms:

  • Discovery plus
  • Discovery Plus
  • Sky Go

Where to Watch Halloween Wars in Canada?

You can stream all the 12 seasons of Halloween Wars in Canada on the following platforms:

  • Global TV
  • Stack TV

You can also rent the following platforms to watch 12 seasons of Halloween Wars in Canada:

  • Apple TV


Is Halloween Wars on Netflix or Disney Plus?

Halloween Wars is not available for streaming on Netflix or Disney Plus.

What streaming service has Halloween Wars?

You can stream Halloween Wars on Discovery Plus, Food Network Spectrum on Demand Discovery Plus Fubo TV and Direct TV

What channel is Halloween Wars on DIRECTV?

Halloween Wars is on the Food Network, channel number 231, on DIRECTV.


Halloween Wars is a must-watch for any fan of Halloween, cooking, or competition shows. While you are wondering, “where can I watch Halloween Wars” we present various ways to tune in and enjoy the spooky fun. You have options if you prefer to stream it online or rent/buy the show. So, grab some candy, turn down the lights, and get ready for some thrilling and chilling entertainment with Halloween Wars.

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