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Dave Season 3: Where To Watch, Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date & Everything We Know so Far

Where to Watch Dave Season 3


Dave Season 3: Where To Watch, Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date & Everything We Know so Far

Dave and his hilarious yet emotional rap adventures have had my heart since the first episode. This exaggerated yet simplified imagined life of Lil Dicky has kept the fans entertained in one way or another. This story of a young upper-middle-class guy with his upper-middle-class dreams of being a rapper has already gone through so much drama, and season 3 will be no different. 

In the previous seasons, we saw Dave going through trouble; uhm, Trouble is a tiny word for what happened. Becoming a human billboard, dealing with South Korean police, and then when trouble wasn’t enough, he somehow landed an NBA player in a hospital. With that much tragedy, Dave has set a high bar for more melodrama. 

In this Blog, I will tell you where to watch Dave season 3, along with valuable insights on the cast, trailer, story, release date, and so much more. 

Where To Watch Dave Season 3? 

Dave Burd, our all-time fav Lil Dicky, shared on his Instagram that Dave season 3 is out of its production phase. The new season will premiere on April 5th, 2023, on FXX.  

The show will premiere with two episodes. You can also watch Dave season 3 on Hulu; the next day, it is released on FXX. 

Trailer of Dave Season 3

What Is The Story Of Dave Season 3?

It is too early to write down the story and plot of Dave season 3, but I can provide some general information. In the first two seasons, we saw Dave dealing with many problems. He loathed his anxieties of failure; he indulged in the madness of success, lost his friends, and worse, lost his love for music over a heartbreak. 

By the end of season two, Dave’s character showed much growth as he finally realized that he must prioritize some things over others to succeed. The series even took a wild shift with Dave’s haunting visuals. 

Season three is expected to be crazier, with all the hassle, visions, and episodes coming back differently. No matter how the story flows or whatever may happen, fun and entertainment is guaranteed. 

Who Is The Cast Of Dave Season 3? 

The main cast of Dave Season 3 includes:

  • Dave Burd as Dave
  • GaTa as GaTa
  • Andrew Santino as Mike
  • Taylor Misiak as Ally
  • Travis Bennett as Elz
  • Christine Ko as Emma 

What Is The Release Date Of Dave Season 3? 

The release date of Dave Season 3 is April 5th, 2023

What Are The Ratings Of Dave? 

Dave did exceptionally well on the ratings. It has:

What Is The Genre Of Dave Season 3? 

The genre of Dave season 3 is Comedy

Where To Watch Dave Season 3 Outside USA?

You can watch Dave season 3 on Hulu and FXX Network in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc, by connecting to a US server.

What Else Can I Watch On (FXX)?

You can watch the following:

  • The Simpsons
  • The Family Guy 
  • Futurama 
  • The Cleveland Show
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


The Dave Season 3 On Netflix Or Hulu?

David Season 3 will be coming to Hulu right next day after its release on FXX. However, no news about its release on Netflix has yet been received. 

The Dave Season 3 On Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Or HBO Max?

There is no news regarding Dave Season 3 coming on Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or HBO Max. 


Dave and his fun adventures are always a treat. With the right amount of comedy, emotion, drama, and trouble, Dave season 3 is set to make you laugh out loud. Not to give a spoiler, but you will also see a guest appearance from Lil Nas X, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Beiber, Lil Yachty, Macklemore, Doja Cat, uhm, uhm, rest is a surprise. I kept this information for the last so you can get a small gift for reading the whole thing. I hope you have enough information on Where to Watch Dave Season 3: Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date & more. Get into the curly madness of Dave and enjoy.

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