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Where to Watch Who’s The Boss Season 4 Online in 2023

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Where to Watch Who’s The Boss Season 4 Online in 2023

Do you remember the days when you used to gather around the TV with your family, eagerly waiting for the latest episode of “Who’s the Boss” to come on? The iconic ’80s sitcom had us all laughing, crying, and falling in love with the hilarious antics of Tony, Angela, and the rest of the gang. Now, with the innovation and increasing competition in the streaming world, the show is available to stream. In this article, we will take a look at where you can watch Who’s the Boss season 4 online in 2023, so you can rejoin your favorite characters and experience the joy of this classic show all over again.

Where to Watch the Who’s The Boss Season 4?

If you live in the USA, you can stream season 4 of Who’s The Boss or any other season on The Roku Channel on YIDIO.

What Who’s The Boss is Based on?

Who’s the Boss is a sitcom originally aired on ABC from 1984 to 1992. The show follows the life of a retired baseball player named Tony Micelli who becomes a housekeeper for a divorced advertising executive named Angela Bower.

Trailer of Who’s The Boss Season 4?

Here is a sneak peek of season 4 of Who’s The Boss. Also, enjoy its theme song.

What is the Story of Who’s The Boss Season 4?

In season 4 of Who’s the Boss, aired from 1987-1988, viewers follow the continued adventures of the Bower-Micelli household. The season picks up with Tony and Angela finally admitting their feelings for each other and embarking on a romantic relationship, much to the delight of fans. Other storylines throughout the season include Samantha’s first serious boyfriend, Jonathan’s quest for popularity at school, and the arrival of Angela’s meddlesome mother Mona.

Who is the Cast of Who’s The Boss Season 4?

Here is a complete cast that appeared in season 4 of Who’s The Boss:

Tony DanzaTony Micelli
Judith LightAngela Bower
Alyssa MilanoSamantha Micelli
Danny PintauroJonathan Bower
Katherine HelmondMona Robinson
Scott BloomGuest Star
Rhoda GemignaniGuest Star
Angela LeeGuest Star
Leslie NielsenGuest Star
Jennifer RunyonGuest Star
Shana Lane-BlockGuest Star
Severn DardenGuest Star
Zena GaynesGuest Star
Kristian AlfonsoGuest Star
Antonia ReyGuest Star
Kari LizerGuest Star
Adam CarlGuest Star
Pamela GallowayGuest Star
Walter OlkewiczGuest Star
Todd SusmanGuest Star

What are the Ratings of Who’s The Boss?

The show was very popular in the 1980s-90s and loved by many generations. This sitcom has the following ratings:

What is the Genre of Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss may be classified into the following genres:

  • Sitcom
  • Comedy
  • Children’s Film

Where to Watch Who’s The Boss Season 4 in Canada?

You can stream Who’s The Boss in Canada on CTV.


How many seasons of Who’s the Boss are on Tubi?

Who’s The Boss is no more available on Tubi. However, you can catch all the episodes of this popular sitcom on Yidio.

How many seasons of Who’s the Boss are on Yidio?

You can watch all eight seasons of Who’s The Boss on The Roku Channel on Yidio.


There you have it – the best options for streaming Who’s the Boss season 4 online in 2023. We hope the article above satisfied your craving about where to watch WHo’s The Boss Season 4 Online in 2023. So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to relive all the laughs, tears, and heartwarming moments of season 4 of Who’s The Boss.

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